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Taik Education Fund

The TAIK Education Fund is dedicated to ensuring that every African kid who is of age to go to school, goes to school and stays enrolled. The program involves a yearly door-to-door campaign called "Campagne Education Pour Tous" (Education For Everyone) to provide school supplies to kids in impoverished neighborhoods. 1100 kids have benefitted from the program thus far.
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The TAIK Scholars Program selects the best high schoolers in STEM fields in Africa, supports them--financially and beyond--through their applications to college in universities around the world, and mentors them throughout their undergraduate studies. The goal of the program is to nurture a growing supportive network of future doers and leaders of the continent.
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TAIK 54 is a set of lists recognizing Africans who, through their journey and work in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM), and related fields can inspire young Africans to embrace and embark in STEM studies. TAIK 54 also recognizes organizations who are making an impact on the continent through their work and activities around STEM.
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