Our Mission & Vision

By 2050 more than half of Africa's population will be under 25, making Africa the continent with the youngest population in the world by a large margin. Africa's development can only happen if we empower this youth and give them the tools necessary to build for the continent. Our vision is to be a driving force for a new era of African development.

Our mission is to leverage media and education--two powerful tools for narrative change, capacity building, and empowerment--to inspire, inform, and educate young Africans. We aim to build a world where young Africans have the confidence and education they need to drive the development of their continent.

Our Origin Story

Our Values


TAIK is a pan-african organization. We subscribe to the idea that the African continent and its people can only thrive through unity.


We believe in a bright future for Africa and its people. That's what breeds our ambition and motivates our work for the continent.


TAIK's work is led by Africans living on the continent and the diaspora. We understand the problems first-hand and we are action-driven.

Our Pillars


African hidden figures - all over the world - are engaged in successful careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence, and more. The Africa I Know sheds light on their journeys through a set of interviews, recognitions lists, and other media outputs to inspire young Africans. We hope their advice from learned lessons will guide the next generation to reach its full potential.


Africans - both on the continent and abroad - are making strides to solve Africa's most dire problems leveraging, contributing to, and advancing Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence, and more. We highlight all the exciting ways in which Africans are leveraging these fields to solve the continent's problems, in the areas of education, health, agriculture, finance, manufacturing, and more.


We learn from history that the key determinant to a society's rise to development from underdevelopment is education. Access to education remains a big challenge on the continent despite rising primary school enrollment rate. We develop educational programs targeting all levels of education, from the primary to the tertiary, to tackle the education problem in Africa. We also publish educational resources on African history.