About TAIK 54

TAIK 54 is a set of recognition lists designed to highlight people and organizations that you don't often see on traditional recognition lists. The TAIK 54 Most Inspiring Africans list recognizes Africans who, through their journey and work in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM), and related fields can inspire young Africans to embrace and embark in STEM-related studies and careers. The TAIK 54 Most Impactful Organizations recognizes organizations who are making an impact on the continent through their work and activities around STEM and related fields.

Our methodology for the first list, the TAIK 54 Most Inspiring Africans list, was based on finding one person from each of the 54 African countries. We looked for those individuals who are taking matters to their hands and reinventing the future on the continent and beyond. We searched through the internet and asked fellow TAIK members to help identify great candidates from their respective countries. We found it easier to find great candidates that fit the criteria for the list for some countries than for some others. For the few countries for which we couldn't find candidates for the list, we reached out to people who are citizens of those countries on LinkedIn and asked them for help. The result of that search process is what you see on this website. We have no doubt that these inaugural TAIK 54 Most Inspiring Africans will inspire and continue to inspire young Africans to strive for excellence in everything they do.

The TAIK 54 Most Inspiring Africans 2021 list was curated by Wangari Kimotho and Adji Bousso Dieng, with some contributions from Fama Jallow.

TAIK 54 Most Inspiring Africans • 2021